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                    These are electronic and personal meetings, coordinated by the  
            e*pub Group, aiming at discussing themes pertaining to electronic publications  
            in general (CD-ROM, diskettes, computer networks, multimedia), and in the  
            areas of Biology, Medicine and Health, in particular.  

                    The Forum meets at the Auditorium of the SOBRAPAR Institute, once a  
            month (See schedule of the next meetings).  

                    Besides, all members of the Forum (e*pub members, associate editors,  
            and other interested), may subscribe the Discussion List about Electronic  
            Publications on the Internet. This list redistributes on-going discussions and  
            information about resources available on the Internet in the area de electronic  
            edition, as well as original material generated at the e*pub meetings and  

                     A repository and list of links related to publications, documents  
            and projects on electronic publications in science, medicine and technology  
            has been set up as a resource to support the Forum's studies and meetings.  


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