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Agnesia Unilateral do Radio
My name is german toledo hviid, I am a doctor, I live in santa cruz, bolivia, I have gotten your adress from internet and I want to request you if you could help me. I have a niece of 10 old years the who she suffer unilateral agenesia of radio, If you know any procedure or tecnica so that could help it, we will be grateful to you, we don't have the conditions economicas in order to carry it to other country, but I have colleagues friends that could attempt it, one of them suggests me the [tecnica] of ILIZAROV. Waiting for your support and thank you for your precious time, that god pays you it.


Dear Dr. German:
There are four types of radial deficiencies. Type I to IV . Depending on the amount of radius present determines the type . We would need to see if your niece has any radius present or none at all. I would recomend that you look at the web page of the Temple University Department of Orthopaedics in Philadelphia. (www.pond.com/%7Eortho/welcome.html). This is where I performed my residency and I would like for you to get in touch with Scott H. Kozin,M.D. . You can find him under the Hand surgery section on this home page. Temple University's department of orthopaedics is associated with the Shriner's Hospital for Crippled Children in Philadelphia. They perform surgery for free to anybody that requires an orthopaedic procedure. They can pay for the air fare and all expenses needed to bring your niece to the United States!!!! Therefore, please get in touch with Dr. Kozin and tell him that Ireferred you to him. To answer your question, there are procedures to centralize the existing wrist over the ulna with good or satisfactory result sin the 80% range. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me again. Sincerely, P.S. You can E-mail Dr. Kozin through the web address that I gave above.

Dr. Alexandre B. de Moura, M.D. - Especialista em Coluna - Nova York

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